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[FYI] INTELs finstere Plaene !?!

[Und was sagen die Datenschuetzer, insbesondere im Hinblick auf 
kommendes EU-Recht, wohl dazu?   -AHH]

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Date:          Thu, 4 Mar 1999 10:33:31 +0100 (MET)
From:          Internet Intern <listenverwaltung@intern.de>
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Subject:       Internet Intern - Inhalte des Newsletters 09/99
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Inhalte des Newsletters 09/99


+++ Intels Mogel-Chip +++ Intels Entscheidung, den neuen
Pentium III mit einer Identifikationsnummer auszuruesten
stoesst auf Verwunderung und Kritik. Doch Intel meint es
ernst und will sogar Sites aufbauen, die nur vom
Pentium III genutzt werden koennen. 


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                           Pentium III-only sites coming 

                           By DAVID FLYNN | INTEL is working with
                           several Australian content providers to
                           establish Web sites that are not only
                           optimised for PCs based on the Pentium III
                           processor but restricted to Pentium III

                           The program intends for each Web site to
                           probe the PC and use the chip's Processor
                           Serial Number (PSN) to identify a Pentium
                           III client.

                           "We want the process of moving around the
                           site to be invisible to the user, so
                           there's no time lag as you move from one
                           area to the next," Angelo Lo Certo, Intel's
                           advertising and Internet marketing manager
                           for Asia Pacific, said, although he adds
                           "this is one of the ways we'd like to do it
                           in the future". However, in the early days
                           of the program the PSN will not be
                           employed. Instead, the exclusivity will be
                           obtained by the Web sites "interrogating
                           the processor" to obtain a CPU ID which
                           proclaims the chip as a Pentium II or a
                           Pentium III. This is a generic instruction
                           common to all chips, not one which tags
                           each individual processor, says Lo Certo.

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