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[FYI] - ICANN Initial Board - TLD's


auf http://www.icann.org/singaporeresults.html gibt es erste Ergebnisse vom
Treffen der ICANN in Singapur.

Summary of Actions Taken by the ICANN Initial Board of Directors at its Meeting
in Singapore on March 4, 1999 


(March 4, 1999) The initial Board of the Internet Corporation for Assigned
Names and Numbers (ICANN) moved forward today on two important decisions:
determining the requirements for accreditation of domain name registrars in the
.com, .net and .org top-level domains (TLDs); and determining the structure for
its Domain Name Supporting Organization. Meeting in Singapore, the Board
adopted a domain name registrar accreditation policy, with changes from the
draft guidelines reflecting public comments that the guidelines should be as
lightweight as possible. The Board also adopted the attached document outlining
the concepts and structure on which the Domain Name Supporting Organization
will be based. The DNSO will be an advisory group within ICANN responsible for
recommending policies concerning the Domain Name System and for selecting three
of ICANNs 19 directors. The Board considered a wide range of comments and
views, including two applications for DNSO recognition, and concluded that the
most appropriate approach would be to use the best features of both in the new



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