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Froomkin: "The Empire Strikes Back"


   DRAFT. This is a revised version of a presentation at a symposium at
   Chicago-Kent Law School, March 13, 1998. It will be published in the
   Chi-Kent Law Review symposium issue on the Internet and Legal Theory.


   This focus on the state is not a coincidence or an error. It reflects
   something real about the world we still live in: few if any
   nation-states are in any hurry to relinquish their freedom of
   manoeuver (read "control" or "power") to decentralizing,
   democratizing, even anarchistic, forces such as the Internet -- at
   least not without a fight. And, as I shall argue in Part III, the
   remedy that states find comes most easily to hand is such strong
   medicine that it may be worse than the disease.


Thomas Roessler, FITUG e.V.