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Neokolonialismus ?

Der Arme haette mir nichts Dir nichts fast mal Beitrag zahlen muessen, anyway:

     [now that all the big players are busy throwing their
     weight behind linux (even MS, according to Simson Gar-
     finkel) there are signs of an identity crisis in the
     open source movement: questions about trademarks and
     domains, is it capitalist, can it stay 'alternative,'
     etc. but those questions are for overdeveloped areas;
     for underdeveloped ones, open source will offer ways
     to dispell the 'mysteries' of the latest versions of
     neocolonialism: the technical domination of binaries,
     the economic domination of software valued according
     to G7 markets that forces 'piracy' on national or re-
     gional scales, the linguistic domination of software
     manufactured only in 'major languages.' this is when
     we'll begin to see software constructed according to
     totally different cultural frameworks.  --cheers, tb]