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Re: [FYI] (Fwd) Some extracts from ENFOPOL 98

* Axel H. Horns quote:
>enforcement agencies will specify how it wishes to achieve this
>result; either through the provision of cryptographic key material and
>all necessary information to decrypt the data or exceptionally by
>provision of the data as plaintext.


>Access to the decrypted message
>must be available for those encryption systems that allow for both
>national and international operation.

National ist neu.

>The handover of cryptographic key material should be immediate.  The
>computational and operational process a law enforcement authority
>needs to undertake to decrypt the data, including any reconstruction
>or rebuilding of keys, should involve minimal time and resources to
>ensure an efficient, economic and timely operation.

ROT13 für die Wirtschaft.

>Law enforcement agencies require a real-time, full-time monitoring
>capability for the interception of telecommunications.  Call
>associated data should also be provided in real-time.  If call
>associated data cannot be made available in real time, law enforcement
>agencies require the data to be available as soon as possible upon
>call termination

Zitiert aus TkÜV der letzten Jahre.