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Im web ists nicht, anyway, viel Spass, der grosse Zusammenhang:


Formerly the 'Schengen Secretariat' might have been the Secretariat
of the Benelux Economic Union (Rue de la Regence 39, B-1000 Brussels,
Belgium, Tel. [32] (2) 519 38 11), because in the eighties the
Schengen Agreement had been deposited there.

Now it is likely to be integrated into the General Secretariat of
the Council (see notice #48 from the Cardiff Meeting):

Cardiff European Council - 15-16 June 1998 - Presidency Conclusions

V. Developing the union

Preparing to implement the treaty of amsterdam

     46.Ratification of the Treaty of Amsterdam is well underway. The
        European Council looks forward to its early entry into force.

     47.Progress has been made in preparatory work to establish the CFSP
        policy planning and early warning unit and consolidate relations
        between the EU and the WEU. The Treaty of Amsterdam establishes that
        the General Secretariat of the Council shall be under the
        responsibility of a Secretary-General, High Representative for the
        CFSP, assisted by a Deputy Secretary-General. So as to meet its
        commitment at Amsterdam that the new Treaty should be fully
        operational once it enters into force, the European Council
        resolves to take the necessary decisions in this regard at its
        meeting in Vienna.

     48.In the light of the good progress which has been made towards
        integrating the Schengen Secretariat into the General Secretariat
        of the Council and determining the appropriate legal bases for
        the Schengen acquis, the European Council looks forward to early
        agreement on these issues. It also looks forward to agreement at
        the next General Affairs Council on the mandate for negotiations
        with Norway and Iceland, and urges their timely completion. It
        calls on the Council and Commission to present to its meeting in
        Vienna an Action Plan on how best to implement the provisions of
        the Treaty of Amsterdam on an area of freedom and security and

Hope this helps.