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infas schweigt???

Hallo Wau, sag mal, gibt es schon irgendwelche Ergebnisse
der Meinungsforscher zum Krieg? Die sind doch sonst sofort
bei allem dabei? Oder paßt das Ergebnis irgendwem nicht?

Hier die Ergebnisse aus Polen: 

"Hallo Ralf,
Ignorants are also in Poland. 59% of Polish support attacks on Yugoslavia and 
only 34% is against. Most of people who support agression are young, with high 
education. I have no comments for that. Against were usually women.
Polish are glad (80%) that we're already in NATO, people don't want to talk 
about any volting against NATO decitions. I was trying to get to some 
students' organizations, but no reaction. Well, one guy said that "maybe 
finally someone will make an order in Yugoslavia". I'm sad that I'm not so 
good in convincing people as you. 
I haven't heart anything about protests in poland. Maybe because Poland is not 
directly engaged in this war.
The most sad is to watch how beautiful country is dividing and distroying step 
by step and people who in the past created social community now fight with 
each other.
Hope people will wake up and stop this horror.
With all the best from Poland,