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Membership of Yugoslavia

Voelkerrechtstechnik, fuer die, die das noch interessiert, eben Diplomatie,
der Generalsekretaer handelt wohl nur auf Anweisung:

     Resolution 47/1 states that the Fed. Republic of Yugoslavia could not
     participate in the work of the General Assembly,  It should apply for
     membership, but technically, Yugoslavia was still a member of the
     Organization.  The consequences, for purposes of membership of the
     United Nations, of the disintegration of a Member State on which there
     was no agreement among the immediate successors of that State or among
     the membership of the Organization at large, was a situation that had
     not been foreseen in the Charter.  Therefore, the only practical
     consequence was that the Fed. Rep. of Yugoslavia could not participate
     in the towrk of the General Assembly, its subsidiary organs, nor
     conferences convened by the Assembly.  However, the resolution had not
     terminated or suspended Yugoslavia's membership.  The seat and
     nameplate remained, but the Yugoslav Missions at United Nations
     offices and at Headquarters could continue to function and could
     receive and circulate documents.  The UN also continued to fly the
     flag of the former Yugoslavia because it was the last flag of that
     State used by the Secretariat.