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...says Internet working against separatism (Canada)

Kann eigentlich auch auf debate:

I believe the Internet will have the opposite effect and that it will
contribute greatly to the (hopefully peaceful) balkanization of Canada.
The reason is simply that separatist movements from Quebec to Scotland to
Hawaii are ubiquitous. However, they have a problem in organizing their
supporters. Internet does this quickly and efficiently as we see for
example on the Hawaiian Sovereignty List <kanakamaoliallies-l@hawaii.edu>.
In addition, Internet organizes separatists internationally and in total I
expect there are more people in separatist movements world-wide than there
are anti-separatists in any one country. Thus strong international
coalitions of separatists will form even though they may have little else
in common.
   Thus over C21 I predict the U.N. will grow to thousands of member
states. For this reason I keep appealing to international experts to work
out the details for PEACEFUL recognition of an emerging nation whether it
is Basque or Kosovo or Nuxalk.


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