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 Other Operating Environments Will Have Trouble Keeping up with Linux's Growth
  Linux Commercial Shipments Will Increase at a Four-Year Rate of 25%
   FRAMINGHAM, Mass., March 31, 1999 - Through 2003, total Linux
   commercial shipments will grow faster than the total shipments of all
   other International Data Corporation (IDC) covered client or server
   operating environments. IDC estimates Linux commercial shipments will
   increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25% from 1999
   through 2003, compared with a 10% CAGR for all other client operating
   environments combined and a 12% CAGR for all other server operating
   environments combined.

   Linux Operating System Market Overview (IDC #W18662) presents IDC's
   first-ever commercial shipment forecast for the Linux operating system
   through the year 2003. It breaks out Linux shipments for 1996, 1997,
   and 1998 by vendor. The bulletin includes a detailed methodology of
   IDC's forecasting methods for Linux and describes potential inhibitors
   to Linux's acceptance in the enterprise. To order a copy of the
   bulletin, contact Cheryl Toffel at 1-800-343-4952, ext. 4389 or at