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[FYI] FIPR: Foundation for Information Policy Research


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FIPR: Foundation for Information Policy Research

              Consultation Library

In an effort to promote openness and the sharing of ideas and
opinions, the Foundation for Information Policy and Research has
offered to interested individuals, organisations, and groups the
opportunity publish their consultation responses for public review.
The hope is that this will provide people who are interested in the
outcome of the policy, to see what was offered to the DTI in response
to the Building Confidence in Electronic Commerce consultation

If you are interested in submitting your own response, we request that
the submitted document is in ascii text or html format (but we can
also accept Postscript, PDF, and MS-Word), and sent to Gus Hosein, at
response@fipr.org. If you would prefer us to link to a document on
your own site, just send us the URL.

See the call for copies of responses.


     The Law Society. 
     George Foot. 
     John R T Brazier, Professional Projects Co Ltd. 
     Neil Barrett. 
     Michael Roe, CCSR. 
     Barry Chatfield. 
     Campaign Against Censorship of the Internet in Britain, outside
     of FIPR domain. Brian Gladman, outside of FIPR domain. UKERNA,
     outside of FIPR domain. Hyperion, outside of the FIPR domain.
     Charles Lindsey, outside of the FIPR domain. Clive Feather,
     outside of the FIPR domain. Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties (UK),
     outside the FIPR domain. FIPR, written by the FIPR Advisory

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The Foundation for Information Policy Research is registered in
England and Wales under the Companies Act 1985 as a private company
limited by guarantee (No.3574631). Application for charitable status
is in progress

Last Revised: April 14 1999

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