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[FYI] (Fwd) [ECARM] International conference on Consumer protect

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Date:          Mon, 19 Apr 1999 10:19:57 +0100
To:            ecarm@ecarm.org
From:          "Denayer Benoit" <denayer@cdc.ucl.ac.be>
Subject:       [ECARM] International conference on Consumer protection in the Electronic
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This could be of interest for some listmembers:

                         7th International Consumer Law Conference

                     The Consumer in the Globalised Information

Helsinki May 20-22 1999
The International Association for Consumer Law decided at its meeting
in Kuala Lumpur in 1997 to trust the organising of the next
international conference on consumer law to the consumer lawyers in
Helsinki. This will be the first time this conference has been
arranged in Europe. As a representative of the active and engaged
consumer law circles in Finland I wholeheartedly welcome our
colleagues from all parts of the world to the conference. The theme of
the conference is in many ways topical. "The consumer in the
globalised information society" offers us an opportunity to discuss
both more theoretical and interdisciplinary issues associated with the
development of the information society and the global village, as well
as practical problems arising from electronic commerce. The subject of
the conference should not be understood, however, as a strict
limitation of the range of issues that can be put on the agenda. The
aim of the conference is to bring together consumer lawyers from all
over the world, irrespective of their engagement in the specific
issues of the information society. On behalf of the Finnish
Association for Consumer Law, the Department of Private Law at the
University of Helsinki and the Consumer Ombudsman's office, I invite
all scholars and practitioners engaged in consumer law to take part in
the 7th International Consumer Law Conference.

Thomas Wilhelmsson
Chairman of the Organising Committee

The conference is organised by the Finnish Association for Consumer
Law and the Department of Private Law (University of Helsinki)

Contact person
Conference Secretary
Christa Heinonen
00014 University of Helsinki
phone: 358-(0)9-191 22684
fax: 358-(0)9-191 23108
e-mail: christa.heinonen@helsinki.fi

Organising Committee
Thomas Wilhelmsson
Department of Private Law
00014 University of Helsinki
phone: 358-(0)9-191 22809
fax: 358-(0)9-191 23108
e-mail: thomas.wilhelmsson@helsinki.fi
Erik Mickwitz, Consumer Ombudsman
Prof. Jarno Tepora, Department of Private Law
Päivi Korpiola, General Secretary of the Consumer Complaints Board
Jyrki Tala, Research Director of the National Institute of Legal
Policy Tuuli Junkkari, Secretary of the Finnish Association for
Consumer Law


The conference will be held at Hanasaari, which is a Swedish-Finnish
Cultural Centre located just 7 km outside Helsinki. Hanasaari was
opened in 1975 and its main objective is to promote cultural and
social co-operation between Finland and Sweden. It is located in the
middle of a small island with a beautiful view of the Gulf of Finland.
In recent years Hanasaari has become popular as a conference centre.
The cultural atmosphere and architecture create inspiring surroundings
for the conference. The location and service will guarantee visitors a
pleasant stay close to nature but still just 10 minutes from the
centre of Helsinki.


The conference language is English. Working groups will be held in
English, French and Spanish/Portuguese.

A translation English-French will be operated in the event of
financial support by the European Commission (pending).


Those intending to present a paper during the working group sessions
are kindly requested to send an abstract of their proposed paper to
the contact person by 31 March, 1999, giving the title of the paper in
the registration form. We also ask you to send a full version of your
presentation to the contact person by 31 April 1999.

Working groups will be established in the following subjects:

* Information/education services (legal, medical and financial)
* Access to justice in the information society
* The consumer and the media (new forms of marketing, sponsorship, testing,
media liability)
* Recent developments and trends in consumer law in various parts of the world
* Other working groups within the general theme of the conference may be
established if considered necessary


In order to register, please fill in the enclosed registration form
and return it to the contact person by 31 January, 1999. For late
registration, which is accepted until April 15, 1999, an extra 30 EURO
will be charged. The number of conference participants is limited;
therefore, if there are too many registrations, preference will be
given on a first come, first served basis.


The registration fee is 100 EURO, which includes the conference
material and meals during the conference (a lunch, coffee, reception
and the banquet). Accommodation is paid for separately by the


Registration fees will be refunded, less a charge of 10 EURO, for
cancellation received before 31 March, 1999. From April to 8 May, 75%
of the amount paid will be refunded. Refunds after 8 May will be at
the discretion of the organisers. Cancellation should be addressed to
the contact person.


The following methods of payments are accepted. We regret that cheques
cannot be accepted.

* post giro
Please instruct your bank to forward payment orders through:
Account: 157230-335497
* credit card
Visa, OK, Master Card or Eurocard

Accommodation reservations are made through the organisers but paid by
the participants at the location. Please indicate your choice of hotel
on the registration form.
* Hanasaari, at the venue. There are 20 single rooms and 31 double rooms
available. Because of the limited numbers of the rooms, the
reservations are booked in registration order, on a first come, first
served basis. Room rates: Single room FIM 480/night FIM 370/week-end
night Double room FIM 320/person/night FIM 235/person/weekend night
address: Hanasaari, 02100 Espoo
* Lord Hotel, a city centre located small hotel in a beautiful old
building. "Lord à la Carte" restaurant and a bar are located at the
hotel Single room FIM 600/night address: Lönnrotinkatu 29,00180
* Hotel Seaside, a nice hotel located 600 m from the city centre. The
strand-boulevard starts outside the hotel and some of the rooms have a
view on the sea. Single (small) room FIM 490/night FIM 390/weekend
night Single (normal) room FIM 700/night FIM 490/weekend night
address: Ruoholahdenranta 3, 00180 Helsinki
* Ramada Hotel Presidentti, a business class hotel located in the city
centre. There is a restaurant and casino at the hotel.
Single room FIM 520/night
Double room FIM 640/night
address: Eteläinen Rautatiekatu 4, 00100 Helsinki

                              PRELIMINARY PROGRAMME
                                    Thursday, May 20
                                    Opening ceremony

                               * The Minister/Secretary of State
* The Chairman of the International Association Prof. Thierry Bourgoignie,
Centre de droit de la consommation, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
                        "Consumer Protection Law in the Third
                * The Chairman of the Organising Committee Prof.
                  The information society and its consequences for the
ordinary citizen

                               * A philosopher's point of view
                               * An economist's point of view
                                * An engineer's point of view
                             * The European Community approach
                          A representative of the European Commission
                     * A Consumer point of view: opportunities, access
                          Consumer Ombudsman Erik Mickwitz, Finland
                   * Reception offered by the Ministry of Justice
                                     Friday, May 21
                    The Information Society and the Need for Consumer

                                  * Electronic marketing
                       Mr John Rothchild, Federal Trade Commission,
         * "Consumerism and citizenship in the information society -
case of electronic contracting"
                       Prof. Norbert Reich, University of Bremen,
                * Consumerism and Risk in the Information Society -
Millenium Bug"
                   Prof. Geraint Howells, University of Sheffield,
                                 * Privacy for the Consumer
                 * Newest Applications of Technology and their Impact
the Consumer
                                Working groups/call for papers
               To be established on the basis of the papers offered,
subject and language
                      Working groups in English, French and
                     Preliminary subjects/chairpersons with

                 * Information/education services (legal, medical and
financial services)
           "Education and Information in European Consumer
           Organisations -
Ideas for the Future"
                Prof. Udo Reifner, Institut für
Hamburg, Germany
                           * Access to justice in the information
         * The consumer and the media (new forms of marketing,
testing, media liability)
                        Prof. Thomas Wilhelmsson, University of
                  * Recent developments and new trends in various
                  parts of
the world
                           Chairperson to be chosen from participants
                                        * Other
                                     Saturday, May 22
                                     The Global View

                               * Expert from Asia/South Africa
                                * Expert from Eastern Europe
                         * "The Impact of the International
                       Prof. David Harland, University of Sydney,

            Meeting of the General Assembly for the International
Association for Consumer Law
                                   Closing the conference


The consumer in the Globalised Information Society
Hanasaari, Espoo/Helsinki 20-22 May, 1999
Complete and return this form before January 31, 1999.

_____ Mailing
Telephone number:___________________________ Fax
number:___________________ e-mail
_ Institutional

The registration fee is 100 EURO, due January 31, 1999.
30 EURO extra will be charged for late registration, which is accepted
until April 15, 1999. Please notice that the conference organizers
cannot guarantee accommodation for those registered after 31 March,
1999. Mark the appropriate alternative:

o Registration fee 100 EURO

o Late registration fee 130 EURO

Payment Methods

o Post giro, please instruct your bank to forward payments orders
through: MERITA BANK LTD SWIFT. address: MRITFIHH account:

o Credit card,
o Visa
o OK
o MasterCard
o EuroCard
Card number: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Valid until: _ _ / _ _

Date and Place:___________________________________

Working groups
Please indicate the working group you would like to take part in:

o Information/education services (legal, medical and financial

o Access to justice in the information society

o The consumer and the media (new forms of marketing, sponsorship,
testing, media liability)

o Recent developments and new trends in consumer law in various parts
of the world

o Other
Please give the title here, if you would like to present a paper.


o No accommodation needed
Please fill in your hotel reservation.
Mark in the order of preference, if your first choice of the hotel is
booked, please indicate a second choice. single room double room
Hanasaari o o Lord Hotel o Hotel Seaside  o (small) o (normal) Ramada
Presidentti o o I wish to share a double room with
Date of arrival_________________ Date of departure__________________
The accommodation is to be paid directly to the hotel.

Please mail this form to
Christa Heinonen
Department of Private Law
PO Box 4
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki
Phone: 358-(0)9-191 22684
Fax: 358-(0)9-191 23108
e-mail: christa.heinonen@helsinki.fi

Reduced Cost for individual members of the IACL (not confirmed yet)
Chairman of the Organising Committee

B. De Nayer
Centre de droit de la consommation
Center for Consumer Law
Université Catholique de Louvain
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve
tel 32 10 47 88 47
fax 32 10 47 85 32

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