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Kosovo-Krieg: Bombs can't bring peace

(der brief ging nicht an mich. er ist aber schon im netz. karl)

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>Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 12:31:39
>Reply-To: nena@uns.ns.ac.yu
>Subject: letter

>Dear colleague,
>My name is Nevenka Adzic, and I am a proffessour of Mathematics at Novi Sad
>University. If you look in "Satzung und Mitgliederverzeichnis" you will find
>there that I am the member of GAMM for over ten years. So, as to the member of
>the same organization, I am kindly asking you to read this letter, and it is
>up to you to decide what you're going to do afterwards.
>This is the fourth week as the bombs are falling on my country. They are
>destroying buildings, roads, bridges, trains, factories and above all
>human lives. Our children, including
>my own, are not going to schools, our students are not at their universities.
>Each night, thousands and thousands of people take their children into
>chalters to try to save them from NATO's bombs. At the same time hundred of
>thousands people are standing in the centers of their cities,
>on their bridges, in their factories, trying to provide the human shild
>against the distruction.
>Please, try to understand: Bombs can't bring peace. NATO is trying to persvade
>people in your countries that we are indangering Albanians at Kosovo. NATO's
>bombs are falling in all the cities and villages of Kosovo, and 90% of the
>population of that province are Albanians. They, together with the people of
>all the
>other nations who live there, are now leaving their homes, going to Macedonia,
>but coming to Belgrade as well, trying to save the lives of their children.
>Yesterday NATO's missles had killed over 60 Albanian refuges, mostly women and
>children, who were coming back to their homes in the villages near Djakova on
>Kosovo (eskorted by Serbian militia). We know that there is the etnical
>problem on Kosovo and it must be solved in the way to satisfy
>all etnical groups that live there, but bombing is not the way to solve that
>NATO was supporting the opinion that Kosovo belongs to Albanians and it wants
>to introduce its troups there. Would you accept some foreigne soldiers in your
>country, for example Russian or Chinesis?
>Everyone in the world shoud know that after the Second world
>war more than 50% of population on Kosovo were Serbs.
>People of Serbia simply can't give Kosovo away no matter
>how many bombs fall on their heads. NATO's agresion has just united people of
>all the political opinions in the intention to defend our country against
>those who are trying to "panish" us. Even those who woted again and again
>against our present goverment now are determined to resist the agresin.
>We are peacefull people, used to suffer
>under variopus conquerors, and we are not asking for anything that doesn't
>belong to us. We only want to live in peace, to work and watch our children
>I am living in Novi Sad, capital of Vojvodina, province in which 26
>nations, icluding Albanians,
>live together with Serbs. We are 400km from Kosovo. Each night bombs are
>falling on my city. Two
>bridges over the Danube in my city, both civil ones, were destroyed,
>the second one at quater
>to eight while poeple were walking or driving their car over it. The third
>bridge, the last one that conects the two banks of the river, is seriously
>demaged. This week a bomb fell in the middle of one of Novi Sad's
>subarbs and killed four people. Two of them, a man and his wife, were
>Try to imagine how would you feel if day after day you'll have to fear for
>your childrens' lives, waiting for bombs to fall in your court-yeard, just
>because some powerfull people in the world think that the politics of your
>country is not such as it would suit them.
>We don't hate anyone, so please raise your voice against this terrible,
>unhuman devastation which is thretening not only my country but the whole
>civilised world.
>Sincerely yours,
>Nevenka Adzic