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[FYI] "DOD leaders mull Internet disconnect"


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                    APRIL 19, 1999 

                    DOD leaders mull Internet disconnect

                    BY BOB BREWIN (antenna@fcw.com)
                    AND DANIEL VERTON (dan_verton@fcw.com)

                    Hammered by relentless hacker attacks against its
                    unclassified network for years, the Defense
                    Department may back away from using the Internet,
                    which it invented, in favor of relying on intranet
                    enclaves, according to a top Army official.

                    Lt. Gen. William Campbell, Army director of
                    information systems for command, control and
                    communications, who last year ordered all Army
                    World Wide Web sites shut down pending a security
                    review of their contents, said last week that all
                    military networks connected to the Internet are
                    "inherently vulnerable.... We don't have a prayer
                    or a hope of defending ourselves unless we move
                    large portions of the '.mil' [domain] onto a
                    protected network" such as an intranet not
                    connected to the Internet.


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