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[FYI] ICANN: Competitive Domain Name Registrars


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                    ICANN Press Release 21 April 1999


(WASHINGTON - April 21, 1999) The Internet Corporation for Assigned
Names and Numbers (ICANN) today announced the five companies that have
been selected to participate in the initial testbed phase of the new
competitive Shared Registry System for the .com, .net, and .org
domains. These five participants will be the first to implement the
new system for competition in the market for .com, .net, and .org
domain name registration services. Currently, registration services in
the .com, .net, and .org domains are provided by Network Solutions,
Inc. (NSI), which has enjoyed an exclusive right to handle
registrations under a 1993 Cooperative Agreement with the U.S.

The five registrars participating in the testbed are, in alphabetical

     America Online 
     CORE (Internet Council of Registrars) 
     France Telecom/Oléane 
     Melbourne IT 

Under the Cooperative Agreement between NSI and the U.S. Government,
the competitive registrar testbed program will begin on April 26 and
will last until June 24, 1999 (Phase I). Following the conclusion of
Phase I, the Shared Registry System for the .com, .net, and .org
domains will be opened on equal terms to all accredited registrars,
meaning that any company that meets ICANN's standards for
accreditation will be able to enter the market as a registrar and
offer customers competitive domain name registration services in the
.com, .net, and .org domains. 

"Today's announcement marks a major milestone in the joint efforts of
the public and private sectors to bring Internet users the benefits of
real competition in registration services in the most popular Internet
domains -- .com, .net, and .org," said Esther Dyson, ICANN's interim
chairman. "The five testbed participants bring a wealth of technical
capability, business experience, and geographic reach to the testbed
program, and each has demonstrated a strong commitment to make this
effort succeed on behalf of the global Internet community." 

In addition to the five testbed participants, ICANN also announced
today that 29 other applicant companies have met its accreditation
criteria and are expected to be accredited to compete as registrars
upon completion of the testbed phase. Those companies include the
following: 9NetAvenue; A Technology Company; Active ISP;
Alldomains.com; All West Communications; American Domain Name
Registry; AT&T; Domain Direct; DomainRegistry.com; eNom, Inc.;
InfoAvenue; InfoNetworks; InfoRamp; Interactive Telecom Network;
Interdomain; Internet Domain Registrars; interQ Incorporated; MS
Intergate; NameSecure.com; Name.Space Inc.; NetBenefit; NetNames;
Nominalia; Port Information System AB; RCN; Telepartner AS; Verio;
Virtual Internet; and WebTrends. 

"As the list of post-testbed registrars makes clear, there is a
tremendous level of commercial interest in opening the market for
domain name services to competition," said Mike Roberts, ICANN's
interim president and CEO. "These companies are ready, willing, and
able to compete. ICANN is committed to working with the United States
Government, the testbed participants, and all post-testbed registrars
to launch this program successfully." 


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For further details, see e.g.




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                     Testbed and Post-Testbed Registrars as of April
                     21, 1999 

Companies Selected as Testbed Participants: 

     America Online (United States) 
     CORE Council of Internet Registrars (global) 
     France Telecom/Oleane (France) 
     Melbourne IT (Australia) 
     register.com (United States) 

Companies to be Accredited as Post-Testbed Registrars 

     9NetAvenue (United States) 
     A Technology Company (Canada) 
     Active ISP (Norway) 
     Alldomains.com (United States) 
     All West Communications (United States) 
     American Domain Name Registry (United States) 
     AT&T (United States) 
     Domain Direct (Canada) 
     DomainRegistry.com (United States) 
     eNom, Inc. (United States) 
     InfoAvenue (United States) 
     InfoNetworks (United Kingdom/United States) 
     InfoRamp (United States) 
     Interactive Telecom Network (United States) 
     Interdomain (Spain) 
     Internet Domain Registrars (Canada) 
     interQ Incorporated (Japan) 
     MS Intergate (United States) 
     NameSecure.com (United States) 
     Name.Space Inc. (United States) 
     NetBenefit (United Kingdom) 
     NetNames (United Kingdom) 
     Nominalia (Catalonia) 
     Port Information System AB (Sweden) 
     RCN (United States) 
     Telepartner AS (Denmark) 
     Verio (United States) 
     Virtual Internet (United Kingdom) 
     WebTrends (United States) 

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