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[FYI] Telework is de-localising workers - what's the effect?

                    CORDIS RTD-NEWS/c European Communities, 1999. 

                    Record Control Number: 12879

                    Date: 1999-04-30

                    Category: Event

                    General Information:

                    As telework continues to become a normal working
                    practice, the physical places that people work
                    from are becoming less localized. To address the
                    impact this "de-localization" of working practices
                    has on lifestyle and culture, the European
                    Commission's Directorate General XIII is
                    organizing a European Telework Information Day on
                    1 June 1999 in Brussels. 

                    The event will provide a forum for telework
                    professionals to discuss the possible impacts of
                    telework becoming a mainstream practice. The
                    information day will provide an opportunity to be
                    updated on the European Commission's policy,
                    information and stimulation activities with regard
                    to telework and to preview the European Telework
                    Status report for 1999. Additionally, this is the
                    official public launch of the European Telework
                    week 1999 and the call for nominations for the
                    1999 Telework Awards. 

                    Because the deadline for the first calls for
                    proposals under the European Commission's Fifth
                    RTD Framework Programme is only two weeks after
                    this event, there will be a last-minute platform
                    for short announcements and calls for partners.
                    The Commission requests that those interested
                    should send short comments beforehand to: 

                    E-mail: telework@dg13.cec.be 

                    These comments will be included in a paper to be
                    handed out to all participants at the information

                    The organizers are also inviting those planning
                    initiatives for European Telework Week (from 1 to
                    7 November1999) to send a short outline of their
                    projects for inclusion in an overview of
                    forthcoming events, which will be handed out at
                    the information day. The short outline should be
                    sent to: 

                    E-mail: info@etw.org 

                    Participation for the information day is free of

                    Data Source Provider: European Commission,
                    Directorate General XIII

                    Document Reference: Press release from DG XIII

                    Programme Acronym: FRAMEWORK 5C; IST

                    Subject Index Codes: Information Processing,
                    Information Systems; Innovation, Technology
                    Transfer; Telecommunications

                    Contact Person:

                    For further information, please contact: 

                    Fax +32-2-2962981 
                    URL: http://www.etw.org