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EU: Seminars on Green Paper on Public Sector Information

(ergaenzend zu den terminen in berlin und darmstadt.
 raeumlich interessant ist vor allem der 3. termin am 10.5.
 die weiterleitung enthaelt
 implizite hinweise auf die listen EUBAM und heinz-list
                                         mfg. karl dietz :)

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## Ersteller: albers@dbi-berlin.de
## Betreff:   Seminars on Green Paper on Public Sector Information
## Erstellt:  27.04.99


//  Ergaenzende Hinweise zu Veranstaltungen von
    MIDAS-NET in Deutschland am Ende dieser Mail  //


Absendedatum:  Mon, 26 Apr 1999 15:53:13
Verschickt von:  Barbara Schleihagen <eblida@nblc.nl>

Seminars on Green Paper on Public Sector Information

On 20 January 1999 the European Commission published a Green Paper
on Public Sector Information in the Information Society, on how the
information gathered by government departments and other public bodies
can be used to provide the greatest benefit for citizens and businesses in

The Green Paper calls for these matters to be discussed, and puts
forward questions about how the situation can be improved. All interested
parties, from both the public and the private sector, are encouraged to
provide their views on the issues raised in the Green Paper.

To assist this process, the MIDAS-NET nodes (*) in thirteen countries  
areorganising a series of seminars and live Internet chat sessions which  
willinvolve the participation of officials of the European Commission, DG  
XIII/E.Comments and questions may be posted in advance of the live  
session. Theseevents will lead up to a Public Hearing in Brussels on 25  
May 1999.
Please contact your local node to take part in their events. Contact  
detailsare available on the web at:

Please find below a calendar of the MIDAS-NET seminars:

27th April - Luxembourg
29th April - Stockholm, Sweden
 6th  May - Barcelona (and Madrid via Internet chat session), Spain
 6th  May - Berlin, Germany
 7th  May - Darmstadt, Germany
10th May - The Hague, The Netherlands
10th May - Oslo, Norway
10th May - Internet chat session, United Kingdom
12th May - Limerick, Ireland
14th May - Bologna, Italy
17th May - Helsinki, Finland
19th May - Paris, France
20th May - Lisbon, Portugal
20th May - Reykjavik, Iceland

(*) MIDAS-NET is a network of 23 advisory centres in 18 countries,
     established under the INFO2000 Programme, which are aimed at
     stimulating interest, demonstrating new products in the multimedia
     market, and assisting information users to exploit the potential of    
  multimedia content.

Kind regards,

Barbara Schleihagen, Director
Heidi Hogan, EU Policy Officer
P.O. Box 43300, NL-2504 AH The Hague
Tel: +31-70-309 06 08, Fax: +31-70-309 07 08
email: eblida@nblc.nl

MIDAS-NET Deutschland:

MIDAS-NET Veranstaltungskalender:

Veranstaltung in Berlin:
         Informationen des oeffentlichen Sektors - eine
         Schluesselressource fuer Europa
Zeit:  Donnerstag, den 6. Mai 1999, 17.00 UhrOrt:   Ludwig-Erhard-Haus,  
Fasanenstr. 85,
         D-10623 Berlin (Tel: 030 46302 469)URL: http://www.midas-net.de/ 

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