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SAP als E-Commerce-Sprachstandard

 SAP unveils mySAP.com internet business strategy

  SAP unveiled its far-reaching mySAP.com Internet business strategy and
  new e-commerce offerings. mySAP.com comprises four key elements;
  mySAP-Employee Workplace, a personalized, role-based user interface;
  mySAP.Business Scenarios, products for the Internet and intranet; the
  SAP portal www.mySAP.com; and SAP applications hosted on the Web.
  Combined, the mySAP.com offerings create a powerful strategy that
  extends the reach of the Internet to empower all employees, and
  improve a company's business and competitive advantage by
  participating in the e-commerce marketplace. mySAP.com is the
  Internet business strategy that creates collaborative markets and
  facilitates dynamic business relationships.
  Find out more at http://www.sap.com/mysap/

  Don't miss Hasso Plattner's presentation on "mySAP.com -
  One-step business". Video on demand and presentation available now at