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[FYI] Chat Session on Public Information 10.05.1999 16:00-18:00

                    CORDIS RTD-NEWS/c European Communities, 1999. 

                    Record Control Number: 12899

                    Date: 1999-05-04

                    Category: Event

                    General Information:

                    MIDAS-NET nodes, operating under the European
                    Commission's INFO2000 Programme, from the UK and
                    Norway are holding a live Internet chat session on
                    the Green Paper on public sector information in
                    the Information Society. The chat session will
                    take place from 16.00 - 18.00 pm (CET) on Monday
                    10 May 1999. 

                    The Internet Chat session is one step in actively
                    promoting debate on this Green Paper, which was
                    published by the Commission on 20 January 1999. In
                    launching a cooperative initiative, the Norwegian
                    Node and the two United Kingdom MIDAS-NET Nodes
                    (England/Wales, Scotland/Northern Ireland) aim to
                    involve people from around Europe in the chat
                    session, including the participation of European
                    Commission officials in Luxembourg and Oslo. 

                    All interested parties, from both the public and
                    private sectors, are encouraged to provide their
                    views on the issues raised in the Green Paper. The
                    deadline for views and comments is 1 June 1999. 

                    MIDAS-NET stands for "European Multimedia
                    Information Demonstration and Support Network".

                    Data Source Provider: MIDAS-NET Coordinator for

                    Document Reference: Based on an event announcement
                    from MIDAS-NET Coordinator for England/Wales.

                    Programme Acronym: INFO2000

                    Subject Index Codes: Information, Media;
                    Information Processing, Information Systems

                    Contact Person:

                    For further information, please contact: 

                    Neil Sandford 
                    UK MM-SIG 
                    MIDAS-NET Coordinator for England/Wales 
                    The Old Office Block 
                    Elmtree Road 
                    Middlesex TW11 8ST 
                    United Kingdom 
                    E-mail: Neil_Sandford@compuserve.com