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5 May 1999 

From: Adi Shamir <shamir@wisdom.weizmann.ac.il>
Date: Wed, 5 May 1999 09:57:33 +0300
To: jya@pipeline.com
Subject: Re:  TWINKLE

The early version of the paper was quietly circulated to a small
number of factoring experts and colleagues to get their comments. 
I'll probably write an expanded version soon, but in the meantime
I am enclosing in the next email the current version, which is now in
the public domain and can be circulated freely.

Best personal wishes,


The 12-page paper:

   http://jya.com/twinkle.eps  (370K)


   http://jya.com/twinkle.zip  (79K)

Note: We had to remove four lines of erroneous code at the
end of the paper to get it to open in GhostView. Any problems 
with it please let us know: jy@jya.com

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