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[FYI] Internet Parenting


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               By Bob Sullivan

                Many safety guides for children using the Net
               read as if they were written by Robert Fulghum.
               Everything I ever needed to know to stay safe in
               the virtual world, I learned in the real world.
               Don't go scary places by yourself. If someone is
               making you uncomfortable, just leave, and tell
               your parents. Don't look at pornographic
               pictures, and you won't have to worry about
               them. But most important _ don't talk to
               strangers, and never give them personal
               information. Unfortunately, it's not that simple

                 IF IT WERE SIMPLE, you can bet that earlier this
                         month there wouldn't have been 100 alleged
                         pedophiles arrested and tens of thousands of
                         pictures of children _ as young as 2 years
                         old _ seized. See the MSNBC story.
                                It's not simple because strangers
                                online are hard to
                         identify, since the Net is the land of
                         make-believe. And just as kids are often
                         better than their parents at playing make
                         believe, they're often better at keeping up
                         with technology, too.


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