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[FYI] "Report: U.S. Uses Key Escrow To Steal Secrets"


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Report: U.S. Uses Key Escrow To Steal Secrets
By Madeleine Acey, TechWeb
May 18, 1999 (6:27 AM)
URL: http://www.techweb.com/wire/story/TWB19990518S0004 

European plans for controlling encryption software are nothing to do
with law enforcement and everything to do with U.S. industrial
espionage, according to a report released by the European Parliament
on Friday. The working document for the Scientific and Technological
Options Assessment panel said the United States has tried to persuade
European Union countries to adopt its key escrow or key recovery
policies -- allowing backdoor access to encryption programs -- saying
this was necessary to read messages exchanged by criminals. 


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