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[FYI] CCS Security Source Library

[Macht doch mal 'nen Anschaffungsvorschlag bei der lokalen 
Unibibliothek   ;-))                               -AHH]


-------------------------------- CUT --------------------------------

     CCS Security Source Library 
     12 Volumes 

     The material covered in this 12-volume library draws together
     information that has previously existed only in fragments.
     Included are the combined experiences and a look into in the
     minds of intelligence professionals, law enforcement personnel,
     private investigators, consultants and lecturers, as well as
     material drawn from hard- to-find pamphlets, articles,
     publications and classified sources. CCS, the leading authority
     and manufacturer in the security electronics field for nearly
     half a century, has met the challenge of creating a security
     information superhighway. By combining these collective sources
     with our own expertise, understanding of technology, technical
     training and of product, we have produced a comprehensive body of
     knowledge that the reader will have available at his fingertips
     for the first time. 

-------------------------------- CUT --------------------------------