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[FYI] Canada a key snooper in huge spy network


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                  Sunday May 23, 1999

                   FROM THE OTTAWA CITIZEN
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                 Canada a key snooper in huge spy

                 Report says alliance is able to intercept
                 nearly any message

                 Jim Bronskill
                 The Ottawa Citizen

                 Canada belongs to a global spy
                 network capable of snooping
                 on virtually every type of
                 communication, from
                 long-distance phone calls to
                 Internet e-mail, says a newly
                 published study. 

                 The detailed report, prepared
                 for the European Parliament,
                 warns that the electronic
                 intelligence agencies of the
                 world's major English-speaking
                 countries increasingly use the
                 information they collect to gain an upper hand on
                 economic rivals. 

                 It concludes the surveillance web controlled by the
                 UKUSA alliance -- Canada, the United States, Britain,
                 Australia and New Zealand -- has evolved into a
                 highly advanced network that automatically sifts
                 through the vast bulk of the messages that traverse
                 the globe daily. 

                 "Comprehensive systems exist to access, intercept and
                 process every important form of communications, with
                 few exceptions," says the report, by Edinburgh-based
                 researcher Duncan Campbell, a longtime observer of
                 the intelligence world. 

                 Canada is represented in the alliance by the
                 Communications Security Establishment, an
                 ultra-secret wing of the Defence Department with
                 headquarters in an Ottawa office building. 


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