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[FYI] BT To Offer Free Internet Access - Paper


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BT To Offer Free Internet Access - Paper
By Reuters
May 24, 1999 (3:23 AM)
URL: http://www.techweb.com/wire/story/reuters/REU19990524S0002 

British Telecommunications was poised to offer free access to the
Internet with no call charges, the Sunday Telegraph said. The paper
said BT was in talks with OFTEL, the British telecomwatchdog, about
the plan.

Several companies, including Dixons Group's Freeserve, offer no
monthly fees for customers to access the Internet. But Web surfers
still pay local call charges when connecting to the Internet.

Under the plan, BT would offer a free phone number with only a
marginal increase in monthly rental charges, the paper said.


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