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[FYI] ECHELON Australia


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24 May 1999. Thanks to Sunday/Nine Network.
Source: http://sunday.ninemsn.com.au/sun_cover2.asp?id=818 

Transcription of GIF images of two letters:

See also: http://www.theage.com.au/daily/990523/news/news3.html 

                             DEFENSE SIGNALS DIRECTORATE 

  From the Office of the Director        
                                   Building M
                                   Russell Offices
                                   Canberra ACT 2600


Mr Ross Coulthart
Reporter - SUNDAY Program
Nine Network Australia Pty Ltd
24 Artamon Road

Dear Mr. Coulthart 

As we discussed I am not able to respond to all of the detailed points
in your questions, because to do so would compromise classified
aspects of DSD's operations. However, the following points are
provided in response to those elements of your questions which deal
with DSD's role and functions and the privacy of Australian citizens. 

     DSD's purpose is to support Australian Government decision-makers
     and the Australian Defence Force with high-quality signals
     intelligence products and services. DSD makes Government and
     defence policy more certain and more effective by providing
     important information that is not available from open sources.
     DSD also directly contributes to the military effectiveness of
     the ADF, and provides information security services to ensure
     that sensitive electronic information systems are not susceptible
     to unauthorized access, compromise or disruption. 


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