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[FYI] Congress, NSA butt heads over Echelon


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                    JUNE 3, 1999 . . . 18:34 EDT 

                    Congress, NSA butt heads over Echelon

                    BY DANIEL VERTON (dan_verton@fcw.com)

                    Congress has squared off with the National
                    Security Agency over a top-secret U.S. global
                    electronic surveillance program, requesting top
                    intelligence officials to report on the legal
                    standards used to prevent privacy abuses against
                    U.S. citizens.

                    According to an amendment to the fiscal 2000
                    Intelligence Authorization Act proposed last month
                    by Rep. Bob Barr (R-Ga.), the director of Central
                    Intelligence, the director of NSA and the attorney
                    general must submit a report within 60 days of the
                    bill becoming law that outlines the legal
                    standards being employed to safeguard the privacy
                    of American citizens against Project Echelon.


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