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[FYI] FSB in Russia


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                                          Updated: 4 June 1999

                                          When the Federal Security
                                          Service (FSB) agents asked
                                          Nailj Murzahanov, an
                                          Internet provider in
                                          Volgograd, if they could
                                          conduct surveillance on his
                                          clients, he said no. 

                                          The FSB made their request a
                                          little more clear. They
                                          wanted unlimited access to
                                          clients' Internet activity.
                                          They wanted Murzahanov to
                                          install the required
                                          technology and teach their
                                          officers how to use it. They
                                          even wanted the right to
                                          conduct random inspections
                                          of his home. 

                                          Then, according to
                                          Murzahanov, they added their
                                          own particular brand of
                                          persuasion - personal


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