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[FYI] MS held ‘secret meeting’ with IBM

Microsoft war sich der Illegalität seiner Geschäftpraktiken
offenbar bewußt:


MS held ‘secret meeting’ with IBM

WASHINGTON, June 8 —  Microsoft called a “secret
meeting” with IBM to discuss ways the
computer maker could “exclusively” promote its
Internet Explorer browser at the expense of its
chief competing product, Netscape’s Navigator,
an IBM executive testified Tuesday in the
government’s antitrust case against the software

IN SETTING UP the meeting with IBM executive
Garry Norris, who is testifying as a key government witness,
Ted Hannum, a Microsoft official, warned the “secret
meeting” should be held with as few people as possible from
either company, Norris said. During the phone call with
Norris, Hannum mentioned that Microsoft’s own lawyers
cautioned that the discussions might cross the line of what is
called “horizontal restraint,” which is an illegal activity that
amounts to preventing a competitor from offering its product.
(Microsoft is a partner in MSNBC.)



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