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[FYI] The have-nots will strike back


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                  Experts Tell Tech Developers To
                  Help Society
                  (06/08/99, 9:52 a.m. ET)
                  By Mo Krochmal, TechWeb 

                  NEW YORK -- Technology builders must
                  find a way to bridge the gap between
                  technology haves and have-nots, a Harvard
                  University law professor said Monday. 

                  If not, the majority of the population, the
                  have-nots, will strike back, said Roberto Mangabeira
                  Unger at the Rising Time Summit 2, a new-media
                  conference and trade show held here in New York. 

                  "We are being set up for a dangerous situation,"
                  said Unger.Speaking in an annex to the Cathedral of
                  St. John the Divine, Unger said high technology was
                  "being practiced in isolation from the vast majority
                  of people." 


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