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Urheberrecht: Museen und Bibliotheken

Contemporary and Modern art is now available for education! The
Art Museum Image Consortium (AMICO) and the Artists Rights Society (ARS)
are delighted to announce they have reached an agreement to ensure that
20th century art will be available in the AMICO Library, a
subscription-based resource for use in education, research, and teaching.
ARS has granted AMICO a non-exclusive, North American license to include
digital images of copyrighted works of art by artists and estates
represented by the Artists Rights Society in the AMICO Library, where
these works may be consulted with other multimedia documentation (extended
texts and other materials) created by AMICO Member Museums.  In return for
the use of these copyrighted works of art, AMICO will share a
proportionate royalty based on subscription income with ARS