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Linux Today: Infoworld Circulating Petition to Halt UCITA


Infoworld Circulating Petition to Halt
   Jun 23rd, 03:26:29 

 Thanks to Matt Benjamin for this report. 

 From June 21 InfoWorld: 

 InfoWorld is sponsoring a petition to defeat UCITA, the reincarnated form of the recent
 attempt by Microsoft and other software companies to reform the US Uniform Commercial

 UCITA would: 

      Exempt software producers from consumer protection and product liability laws. 

      Ratify the most extreme forms of shrink-wrapped licensing--where the user is held to
      terms only disclosed when software was installed 

      Outlaw reverse engineering 

 US citizens can sign the petition by sending their name and state of residence in an email to

 More information at http://archive.infoworld.com/UCITA. 

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