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[FYI] Salva I Campillo Awards

                    CORDIS RTD-NEWS/c European Communities, 1999. 

                    Record Control Number: 13154

                    Date: 1999-06-23

                    Category: Miscellaneous

                    General Information:

                    For the first time the Salva I Campillo Awards -
                    named after the famous Catalan scientist - are
                    open to anyone living and working in Europe. 

                    Now in their fifth year, the awards, organised by
                    the Association of Catalan Telecommunications
                    Engineers (ACET), aim to recognise distinguished
                    careers, research and development projects, and
                    new business developments in the
                    telecommunications industry. 

                    Nominations are now being accepted for the 1999
                    awards (deadline 1 December 1999), and prizes will
                    be awarded at a ceremony in Barcelona on 9 March

                    There are six categories: 
                    - Telecom Europe 
                    - Telecom Spain (restricted entry) 
                    - Most original project 
                    - Most outstanding research project 
                    - Engineer of the year (restricted entry) 
                    - Most promising newcomer to engineering. 

                    Assistant organiser Nieves Ribera said: 'By
                    opening up the awards to all Europe we hope to
                    strengthen relations between countries, as well as
                    recognising professional excellence.' 

                    Data Source Provider: European Commission, DG XIII

                    Document Reference: Information provided by DG

                    Subject Index Codes: Telecommunications

                    Contact Person:

                    For further information please contact: 

                    ACET - Ikonos SL 
                    Rosello 94 entresuelo 1B 
                    E-08029 Barcelona 
                    Tel. +34-93-4535652, Fax +34-93-4517079 
                    E-mail: ikonos@intercom.es