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                   The Government Is
                   Reading Your E-mail
                   With the Echelon program, the U.S.
                   and its allies are collaborating to
                   monitor the Internet

                   FROM THURSDAY, JUNE 24, 1999
                   In the past month a series of announcements from
                   the governments of Australia, the U.K., Canada,
                   France, Germany, Sweden and the U.S., among others,
                   has brought to light the existence of a massive
                   international electronic surveillance network known
                   as "Echelon." Its existence was officially
                   confirmed by the Australian intelligence agency
                   back on May 23. In a nutshell, Echelon is a joint
                   project undertaken by the U.S. and its allies to
                   monitor satellite transmissions, phone calls and
                   the Internet. 


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