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FYI: MS Encarta 'facts' vary, depending on edition


MS Encarta 'facts' vary, depending on edition

 The Wall Street Journal's researchers have clearly been busy. Careful
comparisons of the various international editions of Microsoft Encarta,
today's edition reports, show that in numerous cases the 'facts' are
different in different editions. 


 The WSJ gives a couple of examples, noting that in Italy Antonio
Meucci, rather than the usual suspect, invented the telephone. The US
edition has Edison and Brit Joseph Swan inventing the light bulb
simultaneously, whereas the UK edition has Swan first. Microsoft also
does a special Indian edition that "reflects the local geographical
understanding" of Kashmir (i.e. it's all in India, rather than disputed
territory between India and Pakistan, and has avoided offending the
Turks by removing the word Kurdistan from one of its maps.

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