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[FYI] Anonymous Communication on the Internet


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                            Vol. 15, No. 2

                            Special Issue: Anonymous Communication on
                            the Internet 

                                 Letter from the Editor-in-Chief 

                                 Guest editors:  Mark S. Frankel and
                                 Al Teich 

                                 Anonymous Communication Policies for
                                 the Internet: Results and
                                 Recommendations of the AAAS
                                 Conference.  [Abstract and Full Text]
                                 Al Teich, Mark S. Frankel, Rob Kling
                                 and Ya-Ching Lee 

                                 Assessing Anonymous Communication on
                                 the Internet: Policy Deliberations.
                                 [Abstract and Full Text] Rob Kling,
                                 Ya-Ching Lee, Al Teich and Mark S.

                                 Technology for Anonymity: Names by
                                 other Nyms. [Abstract] Peter Wayner

                                 What's in a Name? Some Reflections on
                                 the Sociology of Anonymity. 
                                 [Abstract] Gary T. Marx

                                 Legal Issues in Anonymity and
                                 Pseudonymity.  [Abstract] A. Michael

                                 Information Privacy in the
                                 Marketspace: Implications for the
                                 Commercial Uses of Anonymity on the
                                 Web.  [Abstract] Donna L. Hoffman,
                                 Thomas P. Novak, and Marcos A.


                                 The Meaning of Anonymity in an
                                 Information Age [Abstract] Helen

                                 Internet Anonymity in Contexts [Full
                                 text] Christina Allen

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