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Urheberrecht: Datenbankenschutz in USA

FINDLAW Abstract/Summary: 
A coalition of big money data vendors is pushing database protection bills through the US
Congress that could fundamentally disrupt the basic functions of the Internet and
radically alter how information can be shared. 

There are two competing bills that would protect data compilers by prohibiting the
duplication of their databases. Critics fear the more restrictive of the two, Collections of
Information Antipiracy Act (HR354), would make criminals of companies that collect and
aggregate data -- companies like Yahoo and Amazon.com. 

"The beauty of the Internet is that for the first time you have this huge engine for finding
and aggregating information -- and HR 354 sort of throws a wrench in the works," said
Jonathan Band, an attorney specializing in intellectual property at Morrison and Foerster.

Original URL: http://www.wired.com/news/print_version/politics/story/20550.html?wnpg=all

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