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[FYI] Contributors sought for Commission IT and management magaz

                    CORDIS RTD-NEWS/c European Communities, 1999. 

                    Record Control Number: 13297

                    Date: 1999-07-19

                    Category: Tender

                    General Information:

                    The European Commission is seeking 18
                    organisations to contribute to a new magazine
                    entitled 'Information, technology and management'.
                    An open tender has been published to select 15
                    universities or research institutes (one per
                    Member State), one user association and two firms
                    to provide services for the magazine. 

                    The contract will cover the provision of an
                    editorial board who will be in charge of the
                    design and selection of contents for the magazine,
                    and drafting committees drawn from universities
                    and research institutes in each Member State that
                    will coordinate and select contributions from
                    authors at national level. The magazine should
                    cover both practical and theoretical issues. 

                    Services will be provided on a non-profit basis,
                    although the Commission may refund travel and
                    subsistence expenses. A flat rate of 500 euro will
                    be paid for each published article. 

                    The target readership will be managers working in
                    the European Commission and other European


                    The final date for the receipt of tenders is 5
                    October 1999.

                    Data Source Provider: Official Journal of the
                    European Communities

                    Document Reference: OJ No S 137 of 17.7.1999, p.

                    Subject Index Codes: Information Processing,
                    Information Systems; Information, Media

                    Contact Person:

                    For further information please contact, quoting
                    reference 'DI/9916 - IT and management': 

                    European Commission 
                    Informatics Directorate 
                    Contracts and Logistical Support Unit (CLS) 
                    Contract Information Centre 
                    200 rue de la Loi 
                    B-1049 Brussels 
                    Fax +32-2-2957702 
                    E-mail: slf-call-center@di.cec.be