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Nochwas nicht besonders Wichtiges zu MP3

Spannende und bislang uebersehene Frage: Wie veraendert das Netz unsere Hoergewohnheiten

Title: The MP3 Revolution: Getting With It
Resource Type: News Article                    
Date: July 18, 1999                   
Source: NYT (Free Registration Required)

Just a year ago, writing an article about MP3 meant going into elaborate detail in defining 
the technology. At that time, the term -- shorthand for the 1992 formula used to compress 
audio into manageable, easy-to-share computer files -- had been mentioned in only four 
articles in this newspaper; since then, it has been mentioned in more than 85, becoming a 
part of the entertainment vocabulary almost as quickly as the name Lewinsky became part 
of the political one.

But in the many media reports about the record industry's crackdown on the proliferation of 
illicit MP3's, the more copyright-friendly alternatives being developed behind closed doors 
and the many trumpeted agreements between recording labels, technology companies and 
Internet start-ups, what has been consistently overlooked -- even in the new MP3 issue of 
Wired magazine -- is the message of the medium. Not in the future, but now: most of the 
recent controversy about on-line music has been over how it is going to change the 
experience of selling and purchasing music, but much more interesting is the question of how 
it is changing our experience of listening to and handling the music.

Original URL: http://www.nytimes.com/library/tech/99/07/biztech/articles/18mp3-strauss.html

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