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[FYI] (Fwd) House committee ditches SAFE for law enforcement ver

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Date:          Wed, 21 Jul 1999 22:31:06 -0400
To:            cypherpunks@cyberpass.net, cryptography@c2.net
From:          Declan McCullagh <declan@well.com>
Subject:       House committee ditches SAFE for law enforcement version

The text of the amendment (in PDF):


                     Industry Crypto Bill in Peril
                     by Declan McCullagh 

                     5:00 p.m.  21.Jul.99.PDT
                     WASHINGTON -- And you thought
                     Congress was going to override White
                     House rules restricting US firms from
                     exporting encryption products. Well, you
                     were wrong. 

                     The House Armed Services Committee
                     voted 47-6 Wednesday to replace an
                     industry-endorsed encryption bill with
                     substitute legislation drafted by law
                     enforcement advocates.