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[FYI] U.S.: Hacker & Cracker im Staatsdienst haben glaenzende Zu

[HiHi, hier haben wir den lange antizipierten Paradigmenwechsel: Wenn 
man die Verbreitung starker Kryptographie nicht verhindern kann, muss 
man eben auf andere Weise an den Klartext kommen ...           -AHH]


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20 August 1999. TT DN. Add CDT URL for the Cyberspace Electronic
Security Act and DoJ section by section analysis. 

The Washington Post 

Justice Dept. Mulls Covert-Action Bill 

By Robert O'Harrow Jr. 
Washington Post Staff Writer 

Friday, August 20, 1999; Page A1 

The Justice Department wants to make it easier for law enforcement
authorities to obtain search warrants to secretly enter suspects'
homes or offices and disable security on personal computers as a
prelude to a wiretap or further search, according to documents and
interviews with Clinton administration officials. 

In a request set to go to Capitol Hill, Justice officials will ask
lawmakers to authorize covert action in response to the growing use of
software programs that encrypt, or scramble, computer files, making
them inaccessible to anyone who does not have a special code or "key,"
according to an Aug. 4 memo by the department that describes the plan.

Justice officials worry that such software "is increasingly used as a
means to facilitate criminal activity, such as drug trafficking,
terrorism, white-collar crime, and the distribution of child
pornography," according to the memo, which has been reviewed by the
Office of Management and Budget and other agencies. 


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