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[FYI] MySQL now open source


MySQL, a multiuser, multithreaded SQL database server developed to 
handle very large databases an order of magnitude faster than major 
vendor products, is being released under a GPL. 

The SQL in this case is the real structured query language, and should 
not be confused with a Microsoft product that usurps the SQL name. A 
1970s IBM research project resulted in Structured English Query Language 
- SEQUEL - which was subsequently abbreviated to SQL, and is now the
standard for database query language. The current GPL version of MySQL,
released a few days ago, is 3.20.32a, and it is planned that older 
releases of MySQL will be offered with a GPL, and called GNU MySQL. 
MySQL had been previously available free for internal use, but there 
was a fee if it was included in a product or service; if a charge was 
made for installation and maintenance; or it was included in a

MySQL im Netz: http://www.mysql.org/