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Linux als Markenname geschuetzt

Na gut, der Header ist etwas reisserisch, weils nur in Korea ist. Trotzdem - 
hier die ultimative Nachricht fuer den berechtigten Zorn:

Title: Korean Linux Users Outraged by "Linux" Trademark Claim
Resource Type: News Article
Date: Aug 28th
Source: Linux Today
Author:  Dwight Johnson

The Korean Linux community was outraged when on August 20, 1999,
several Korean businesses selling Linux-related products got a letter
from the attorney of Yongtae Kwon claiming that they were violating his
registered trademark of the name "Linux".

An examination showed that Kwon had applied for two "Linux"
trademarks on September 27, 1995 and was granted them both on May
22, 1997 and July 5, 1997.

Kwon's letter, in part, claimed:

At present, I came to know the fact that you have sold the books in
"attached catalogue", prohibited by law, and your these opportunities
are included in violating act against the trade-marks in the laws of

Original URL: http://linuxtoday.com/cgi-bin/printstory.cgi?sn=9296

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