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Product Annoucement

Hi my name is Alina,

I am inuiring about your adult website.  I am interested in sponsoring your webpage where I would pay you for displaying our banner at the top of one (or a few) of your pages.

Let me explain what we do.  I currently live my life at a site called "Hollywood Voyeur".  It is a site where we provide oue customers with an inside look at the true lives of actresses and models living in Hollywood.  There are cameras in every room and anything that happens is broadcast 24/7. We also provide live audio streaming to our viewers as well.  The cameras we are equiped with have the ability to zoom in and out, pan accross the room, and have night vision capabilities.  We are looking to establish LASTING relationships with our viewers.  Part of our strategy is to get customers heavily involved with the lives of our cast members (me being one of them) to promote repeat membership registration.

What would you recomend for the best exposure at your website?  I would even consider being linked or listed from multiple sections of your website, do you have any suggestions?  Currently we are offering 50% of the initial membership fee plus an additional 50% of the reaccuring membership fees from the traffic you send my way.

I am looking for a long term advertising relationship, so keep that in mind when making your suggestions.  I am ready to start ASAP, so a quick response would be appreciated.

I do have a few other questions.  First, how many visitors do you get a week?

Second, how many visits to the individual sections you are suggesting I link from?

Lastly, do you accept credit cards for sponsorship payment, or is a business check better for you?

Thanks for your time and help.  I look foreward to doing business...Oh, by the way, i hate doing business with people I never see.  You can lake a look at me at hollywoodvoyeur.com 

Alina Thompson