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East Timor (Urgent) (fwd)

Kann man ja wenigstens mal lesen.

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Date: Tue, 07 Sep 1999 18:29:58 +0100
From: Margarida Reis <Mreis@lnec.pt>
Reply-To: compcons@uofrlaw.richmond.edu
To: Constitutions & Constitutionalism Around the World
Subject: East Timor (Urgent)

Dear colleagues and friends

 I don't usually bother you with my extra professional concerns. However,
there is a special situation which requires an exception to this.

 As most of you know, a genocide is currently going on in East Timor. See

 Some of us are sending messages to


 (the presidents of the USA and Indonesia and the Secretary General of the
United Nations)

 expressing our position on the East Timor situation, a true shame to
Mankind. A possible text, suggested by the Portuguese press, is reproduced

 If you agree, please act NOW - send the message to these world leaders and
to your national leaders and copy this message to other people who might

 Thank you all. Best regards

 Possible message to be sent to world leaders:

 Widespread death and destruction are happening  in East Timor.

 Unless world leaders exert maximum pressure on the Indonesian Government
the  results of last Monday's referendum will be followed by a growing
massacre and destruction of thousands of citizens who braved everything to
vote, expressing overwhelmingly their wish to become independent.

 Regrettably, the Indonesian Government is not fulfilling the New York
agreements and has allowed the violence to spread.

 An international force is essential to prevent the total slaughter of the
people by the anti-independence militias.

 Therefore, I call upon you to URGENTLY exert all of the available means at
your disposal to make the killings stop and prevent the deportation and
massacre of the people of East Timor.

Margarida Maria da Costa Reis Canada de Abreu
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