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Doubleclick / Dart Patent

M. E. ein weiteres Beispiel dafuer, dass oft letztlich Geschaeftsprozesse und 
nicht Technik patentiert werden - aber wer will das noch auseinanderhalten?

Web Advertising Patent .

The US Internet advertising company DoubleClick has been awarded a patent
for the way it delivers advertising to a network of web sites. The move
gives DoubleClick the ability to protect itself from competitors that
attempt to use copycat techniques to distribute online advertising.

The patent was issued for DoubleClicks īDartī technology system. īDartī
works by instructing any browser which tries to access the web page of a
DoubleClick client network site to travel to DoubleClicks advertisement
server. Then the īDartī system will pick an advert from one of the
hundreds in its inventory and send it to that users computer.

Internet companies are increasingly turning to patents and copyrights to
maintain the competitive edge over their rivals. In another move to
protect a market Priceline.com the US company that lets customers name
their own price for airline tickets, hotel rooms and cars, has patented
its business model to deter others from copying its successful way of
selling over the Internet.

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