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Lifetime Menace Award
The Home Office
Worst Public Servant
Jack Straw
Most Invasive Company
For its campaign to exploit the electoral register in spite of a clear
position to the contrary from the Data Protection Registrar.
Most Heinous [0] Goverment Organisation
Borders Police
For its extensive use of DNA tests on all suspects.
Most Appalling Project
For its CLASSIC system (Covert Local Area Sensor System for Intrusion
Classification) detecting people, vehicles etc. in 'dead ground' ie.
refugees coming across mountain areas and borders etc. CLASSIC was
originally developed to detect illegal immigrants attempting to enter Hong
Kong. A total of more than 1700 systems have been ordered by 31 countries,
of which 10 are NATO members.
Positive Winners : Winstons

Duncan Cambell
For his work on the NSA and ECHELON, and particularly for his EC report.
Tony Bunyan
For his tireless work with statewatch, and in particular for his work on
ILETS and the EU/FBI agreements.
Joint Award to Clive Norris and Gary Armstrong
For their groundbreaking writing and research into the CCTV industry. Their
two books "Surveillance, Closed Circuit television and Social Control" and
"The Maximum Surveillance Society" have opened up the entire area to
scrutiny and it is doubtful whether there would be such public debate
without this work.
David Burke
For his work on the vast privacy implications of interactive and digital
television. David has worked single-handedly for three years on this
subject, and has opened up this crucial area. His booklet "Spy TV",
released earlier this year, demonstrates the enormous implications of the
new medium. His new book will be released later this year.
Fleur Fisher
For her work on medical privacy. As chief of ethics for the BMA for five
years, she put privacy at the head of the medical agenda and made
significant inroads. Since leaving the BMA she has continued her work in
this area.