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LOANS For Active NetWorkers! [dszjb]


Use the money to pay off all your high interest loans and your
mortgage. Or use the money as investment capital.
Or save the money in a savings account. It's up to you how
you use the money!  There is no credit check. You can qualify
for these loans just by being an active networker.  This is a
brand new offer that was not available to anyone until very
recently. And it's made for networkers! I am not a financier;
I'm just someone who wants to see people who need it get
this information.  All of the loans are at only 2% interest, per
year. The interest is simple and not compound. You have
15 years to use all the money you can accumulate before you
ever have to do anything to settle the loans.

HOW do you get these loans?
There is a company that gives generous loans to networkers just
for helping them promote their opportunity. The loans are available
internationally. Any networker in the world can qualify for them.

WHAT must you do to qualify? You do a little advertising for the
company, just like I'm doing now. When you get about four
people interested, you have done the basic work you must do
to qualify for the loans. Active networkers should have no
trouble completing this work within a few weeks.

WHY should you do it? If you need a loan, you should get in
touch with me. Or if you have heavy debts to pay and need
some help, you should get in touch with me. Or if you're
cash-poor and need some operating capital, you should get
in touch with me.

This is an honest, easy borrowing opportunity. It is a unique,
unusual opportunity, the likes of which you have never seen
before. If you have no credit, or if your credit rating is poor,
that will not be a problem in getting these loans. You need
only do a little reasonable work in exchange for the loans.
There is no other qualification of any kind.

Why shouldn't you be one of the many people who will qualify
for these loans?

HOW MUCH can you borrow? WOW! I'm not telling you
right now, but believe me, the news is very good! You need
to reply to me so that I know you are interested.

WHEN can you have your first loan? It is possible to have
your loan within about a week after you qualify. And you can
qualify within a few weeks, if you are interested enough and
able to complete a fairly simple networking task for the company.

Thank you for listening to my message. Contact me by Reply
my E-mail with "Loans" on the subject line and you will get more
information. I will also send you advance information on our
new web page, and numbers you can call to get official literature
and application forms.


Have A Blessed Day!