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Fwd: FC: ISPs must keep copies of email messages for 3 months, say G8 government officials at meeting in (how appropriate) Moscow

Anm.: Besonders interessiert mich die Stelle, an der von einer
vorgeschriebenen "Black Box" die Rede ist. Gibt es dazu eindeutigere
Informationen ?

On 03.11.1999 at 11:26 Declan McCullagh <declan@well.com> wrote:

>And more info on Echelon:
>  http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/world/newsid_503000/503224.stm
>GILC Alert
>Volume 3, Issue 7
>November 3, 1999
>Welcome to the Global Internet Liberty Campaign Newsletter.
>Welcome to GILC Alert, the newsletter of the Global Internet Liberty
>Campaign. We are an international organization of groups working for
>cyber-liberties, who are determined to preserve civil liberties and human
>rights on the Internet.
>[12] Government officials meet in Moscow over Internet surveillance
>Prosecutors from around the world were to meet to hatch new plans for
>tapping the Internet.
>The meeting was scheduled to occur on October 19-20 in Moscow. Attending
>meeting were to be Ministers of Interior and Justice of the G-8 nations,
>including the United States, Japan, and Canada. Among the proclaimed goals
>of these leaders is an obligatory agreement with European Union member
>states and
>so-called observer countries. These member states want greater
>cooperation and greater powers to perform transnational computer searches
>for major criminal offenses. These powers would be "subject to specific
>hedge clauses for appropriate protection of the sovereignty of other
>Perhaps the most notable proposal was an attempt to standardize the length
>of time for which Internet service providers would have to keep copies of
>their subscribers' e-mail messages. In March, the G-8 Ministers had
>suggested Internet service providers should freeze and store suspect
>communication data immediately on request of investigators. Under this
>procedure, known as "Freeze and Preserve", the police could seize and
>evaluate the suspect data and evaluate, assuming they had a judicial order
>or other suitable legal basis. The European Union data-security
>commissioners recommended that telecommunications operators should be
>allowed to keep data for up to three months.
>Other proposals would force computer manufacturers to install a "Black
>to allow investigators easier access to privately held computers. It
>to be seen what possible safeguards will be included to prevent
>government intrusion in cyberspace.
>The event was shrouded in secrecy, and no details were released as to what
>happened at the meeting.
>For more information, in German, see Christiane Schulzki Haddouti, "Hunt
>the log files", Spiegel Online, October 8, 1999 at
>For an English translation, visit
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