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DOSTRAVEL Ukraine Travel Warning 10/29/99 (fwd)

The Department of State has made a decision to authorize the voluntary
departure of eligible family members and employees who can be spared
from duty from the U.S. Embassy in Kiev prior to January 1st due to
potential Y2K-related disruptions.  Although a USG-funded study of
Ukraine's energy sector indicated that risk of major disruptions to heat
and electrical service in Ukraine is low, the USG has decided that
employees who can be spared from duty and eligible family members should
have the option of temporarily departing the country.


be a risk of potential disruption in all key sectors, especially the
energy and electric services.  U.S. citizens residing in Ukraine in late
1999 or early 2000 should be aware of potential difficulties.  Americans
planning travel to Ukraine should take into account fully the
information in this document in planning their travel and its timing.

It is difficult to predict the severity or duration of Y2K-related
disruptions.  U.S. citizens in Ukraine should take practical
precautions, anticipate the potential for disruption to their daily
activities, and be prepared to cope with the impact of such disruptions.
Information about personal preparedness and Y2K is available in the
Department of State Worldwide Public Announcement of July 26, 1999 which
is accessible on the Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs
home page at http://travel.state.gov/y2kca.html.

Aviation and Y2K: The Department of Transportation is heading an
international year 2000 civil aviation evaluation process to review
information on Y2K readiness in aviation based on reports to the
International Civil Aviation Organization and other available sources.
The Federal Aviation Administration is working with the industry and its
international partners to encourage sharing of Y2K readiness and
contingency planning information so that air carriers will be able to
make appropriate decisions.  Consult your airline about contingency
plans in the event of unforeseen Y2K-related delays, cancellations, or
disruptions.  See the Department of Transportation Y2K home page at
http://www.dot.gov/fly2k for updated information on Y2K and aviation

As January 1, 2000 draws nearer, we will provide updated information
available to us about important Y2K issues in Ukraine on the Consular
Affairs home page at http://travel.state.gov/y2kca.html.  In addition,
monitor the home page of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine at
www.usemb.kiev.ua for additional updates.  See also the Government of
Ukraine Internet home page on Y2K issues at http://www.ipi.kiev.ua.